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How to get a card

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It is needed a card or a temporal pass for the consultation of documents and to access to the reading rooms. The minimum age is 18 years. People minor of this age can get the card if they are preparing the research work of secondary level. To request a card it is necessary to explain the reason or matter of work. Every request will be evaluated and the library staff will sometimes redirect people to other libraries that better suit the user interest. There are two models of access:

  • Temporary Pass for eight days or three months. For occasional consultation of reference works and of the modern collection. Cannot be renewed.
  • Reader card: It gives access to the whole collection excepting some few very special documents. It is valid for five years and it can be renewed if requirements are met. To reader’s card is free.

To get the reader's card it is necessary to go to the library, to prove the own identity with a DNI or passport and to explain the matter of consultation.

To renew the reader's card it is necessary to go to the library and to prove the own identity with a DNI or passport. If you want to keep the same barcode, you must bring your old library card.

If your card has expired and you want to use the online services of the library, you can process the renewal by phone [+34 93 270 23 00 (ext. 84013158)] or email []. This renewal will be considered provisional until it becomes effective in person at the access counter  of the  Library.

If you want to request documents before coming to the library and you do not have a reader's card, you can get online a provisional pass.

Personal objects should be left at the lockers of self-service located at the entrance.

With the Biblioteca de Catalunya card you can access the Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya libraries. See the regulations.

Mutual agreement of recognition for researcher’s cards, among the Biblioteca Nacional de España and the regional and autonomous libraries of Spain.
The card of the Biblioteca de Catalunya guarantees to be a researcher in the Biblioteca Nacional de Espanya and other regional and national libraries of the autonomous communities of Spain. The Biblioteca de Catalunya recognizes cards from other regional and national libraries of Spain to get the one of the BC as well.