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Online sale of high quality reproductions from the collections of the Biblioteca de Catalunya

The BC offers online sale of high-quality digital reproductions of public domain, copyright-free documents.

The reproductions correspond to digitized documents of the library and are accessed from the Additional Services of the online catalogue. As more documents in the public domain are digitized, you can acquire them by the same system.


(The option "Do you wish a digital reproduction (by online)?" appears only in those cases in which the document has been digitized by the BC).

These high quality images can be used for research or for public use, commercial or otherwise. In the acquisition process you will have to indicate which use you want to make and pay the public price corresponding to each case.

Conditions for public use of works in the public domain

In the case of a public use of reproductions, you should follow the next  indications:

  • To cite the source of the reproduction: Biblioteca de Catalunya. Barcelona.
  • To make a single use for the stated purpose: editing, advertising, public communication.
  • To deliver one copy of the work to the BC, whether it is analogue or digital.
  • For commercial use, you should pay the corresponding fee.

 Public prices

Digital images

0,40 €/u.

Sound. 1 song or fragments up to 4 minutes

0,50 €/u.

 Audiovisual reproduction from up to 30 minutes

5,00 €/u.

 Audiovisual reproduction from 30 minutes to 2 hours

10,00 €/u.

 Audiovisual reproduction from 2 to 4 hours

15,00 €/u.

Public prices for commercial use

BC charges an additional fee for reproductions supplied for commercial purposes, that it doesn’t exempt the users to get the rightholder’s permission.


Publishing purposes

20,00 €/u.

Advertising purposes

60,00 €/u.

Public communication purposes

60,00 €/u.

Sound material

Publishing and public communication purposes

20,00 €/song or sound fragment up to 4 minutes

Advertising purposes

60,00 €/song or sound fragment up to 4 minutes

Audiovisual material

Publishing and public communication purposes

20,00 €/hour or fraction

Advertising purposes

60,00 €/hour or fraction


In case of public and private non-profit institutions, a deduction of 50% is applied.
For requests of 10 or more units/hours a deduction of 50% is applied. 


IEC members are exempt from the payment of the reproduction fees when the purpose is their bibliographic research programs.