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Rental Carrels

The rental carrels service can be used with the library user card for working with own documents and documents of the library.


  • Each carrel has a capacity up to 2 people.
  • The renting must be of seven days at least, that can be extended until 4 weeks. The renting can be renewed once if no one else has reserved the carrel.
  • The fee will be paid when do request and every time that the period of renting will be extended
  • Own documents are allowed once will be identified and authorized at the information point of the library entrance.
  • It can be requested as many documents as desired, that will be reserved in the carrel.
  • Documents of free access of the readings rooms cannot be reserved in carrel.
  • Documents of Reserve collections cannot neither be reserved nor consulted in the carrel.
  • User should pick up and deliver the key of the carrel every day, after identifying itself, at the information desk of the library.
  • Current fee is 26 € per week.