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Sound and audiovisual

More than 400.000 documents. Some of the most significant collections are the archive of Radio Barcelona and the personal archives of Daniel Blanxart and Conchita Badia, among others. It also has a rich selection of original voices of historical figures such as Alexander Fleming, Joan Brossa, Carmen Amaya, Frederica Montseny, Salvador Dalí, Jacinto Benavente, John Cowdery Kendrew, M. Aurelia Capmany, Hipolito Lazaro, Francisco Macia, Lluis Companys, Ramon Tamames, Jean-Paul Sartre, John Capri, Mary Santpere Alfredo Di Stefano, Joan Miro, Jordi Rubio i Balaguer, Vinicius de Moraes, among other.

Wax cylinder

Berliner disc 

Piano player roll

Vinyl disc

Cassette tape

VHS video

8 Tracks cartridge

2000 video

Magnetic wire

Instant disc

U-Matic video 


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