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Service charter

Information about the service

Commitment of service

The BC is committed to providing its users quality services according to the following commitments:

  • Giving immediate information about access to the building, access to the collection and the library services.
  • Attending immediately to the enquiries about the collections of the Biblioteca de Catalunya.
  • Responding to all written enquiries within 3 days from receipt. The more complex enquiries will be answered within 15 days, after notifying the users of the state of their requests.
  • Delivering documents stored onsite up to one hour and documents stored at external repositories within 48 hours. Requests of focuments not yet processed will be dealt as far as possible.
  • Delivering photocopies, scan copies and snapshots immediately for requests up to 20 reproductions, requests of more than 20 reproductions will never takes more than 48 hours. Requests of more than 20 copies will be delivered as soon as possible.
  • In general, the delivery of high quality digital copies will be 48 hours in the case of less than 20 units, and 15 days for more units. Complex requests will be attended as far as possible informing user's of estimated time.
  • Processing requests of reproduction and interlibrary loan within 3 working days and informing the user about incidences.
  • Sending copies within the deadline set out once payment is received.
  • Answering complaints and suggestions within 5 working days at the most.
  • Use the resources respecting environment. Providing collection points for waste paper in the reading rooms.

User's rights

  • Free access for the consultation of the library collections according to current regulation.
  • Being served with professionalism and respect.
  • Receiving information and advice about the collections, services and their operational way. Being oriented about other libraries that can better suit the type of consultation.
  • Consulting and copying the collection according to current regulation.
  • Having guarantee of a correct dealing of personal data and confidentiality of consultations.

User's commitments

  • Respecting terms of use and reproduction of documents located in reading rooms and following specific instructions given by staff.
  • Contributing to maintain an ideal environment for study and research, observe silence and make proper use of equipment and facilities
  • Complying with policies and regulations.
  • Notify changes of email address to ensure good communication.
  • Contribute to maintaining a climate of respect towards staff and others
  • Using resources and public service responsibly and contribute to respect environment.
  • Respecting law relating to intellectual property rights.
  • The breach of commitments and/or rules will entail thecorrective measures established in the Reglament de règim interior de la BC.