of the Publishers and the Published of Catalonia

Barcelona, 1924-


(Updated 10/08/2022)

Founded in Barcelona in 1924 by the publisher and linguist Josep Maria de Casacuberta, Barcino began as a tool to disseminate and normalise Catalan culture and as Catalan society’s response to the anti-Catalan attitude of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship. The most salient feature of this publishing house was that from the very start it rigorously revised the texts of all the books it published. From its founding as well, Casacuberta enlisted the support of first-rate intellectuals like Pere Bohigas, Pompeu Fabra, Lluís Nicolau d’Olwer and Jordi Rubió.

The publication of titles with such emblematic collections as Els Nostres Clàssics and Col·lecció Popular Barcino, prolifically in the early years, radically dropped off with the outbreak of the Civil War and did not resume any semblance of normalcy until 1947, when some of the collections were gradually revived and new ones developed.

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