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Obiols, Josep, 1894-1967

(Updated 25/01/2018)

Josep Obiols i Palau (Sarrià, 1894-Barcelona, 1967). Painter, illustrator and engraver. He was one of the most prominent representatives of Catalan artistic Noucentisme. He began his training at the Escola de Decoració in Sarrià, under the great teacher, Joaquim Torres-García. He mainly focussed on mural paining and, to a lesser extent, easel painting. He painted in the chapel of the Institut de Cultura per a la Dona (Cultural Institute for Women), the lobby of the Barcelona Post Office, the Mercè Basilica in Lleida Cathedral and various buildings of the Montserrat Monastery, among other places. He drew many landscape, still-life and children's illustrations for books, magazines, cartoons and posters. One of his most famous posters is the one he created for the Associació Protectora de l'Ensenyança Catalana (Association for the Protection of Catalan Teaching). He participated in several international exhibitions, but held very few solo exhibitions. He was a member of the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc (Saint Luke Artistic Circle) and an academic of the Reial Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi (Saint George Royal Academy of Fine Arts).

In 2015, thanks to a donation from the artist's family, the Biblioteca de Catalunya received the Josep Obiols Collection, an extensive collection of artwork.


Josep Obiols in the Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana

Josep Obiols Collection at the Biblioteca de Catalunya

Josep Obiols Collection installed in the Biblioteca de Catalunya. Department of Culture.

Josep Obiols in the Biblioteca de Catalunya catalogue

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