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Marc, Ausiàs, ca. 1397-1459

(Updated 05/01/2021)

Ausiàs Marc (Valencia Kingdom, 1400- Valencia, 1459) He was a poet and Valencian knight. It was one of the most representative poets of the Century of Gold. His work is extensive and still nowadays is all a referent, and have translated in addition to eight languages. It is preserve 128 poems in Catalan, categorized in poems of love, death, spiritual and morals.

His works have been collected in many poetic anthologies such as: Poesies (1952), Cinquanta-vuit poemes (1989), Obra Completa I-II (1997), Cants d’amor (1998), Poemes d’Ausiàs March antologia (1998) o Per haver d’amor vdia. Antologia comentada (2008).




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