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Nicolau d'Olwer, Lluís, 1888-1961

(Updated 05/01/2021)

Lluís Nicolau d’Olwer (Barcelona, 1888 - Mexico, 1961). Catalan writer and politician with a long career in politics. He was a councillor for Barcelona City Council, a member of congress, Economy Minister during the Republic and founder of the Catalan nationalist party Acció Catalana (Catalan Action). He was a member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies) and author of the first work history on Catalonia, written entirely in Catalan, Literatura Catalana. Perspectiva General (1917). He was awarded with the Legion of Honour by the French Republic. During the dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera he spent some time in exile but from 1939 (the end of the Civil War) he never returned from exile. He chaired the Floral Games in 1951 in New York and in Toulouse in 1952.


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