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Portrait of Joan Gisbert and Felip Pedrell

Gisbert Padró, Joan

(Alcanar, 1884 - Barcelona, 1974)

Businessman, executor of Felip Pedrell, secretary and attorney of Manuel de Falla


Personal and professional documentation of Joan Gisbert Padró linked to Felip Pedrell and Manuel de Falla, and of Miquel Gisbert Vidal linked to the Santo Tomás de Aquino Association (Barcelona). It includes patrimonial, accounting, associative and family documentation, own and other authors' creations, photographs, hand programs, press clippings, brochures, musical booklets, catalogs and other printed matter, correspondence and some objects.

Acces: Room reservation

Scope: 1831-2006

Origin: Adquired from his grandchildren Joan and Josep M. Gisbert i Margarit

Origin date: 2009

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Tags: Music , Personal papers