of the Publishers and the Published of Catalonia

Barcelona, 1870-


(Updated 16/05/2024)

In 1870, Ramon Casals i Xiqués and Primitiu Sanmartí founded the Tipografía Católica publishing house along with a bookshop and printing workshop. When Sanmartí had to flee the country for political reasons in 1873, Casals purchased his former partner’s share and brought in his brother Miquel. At the beginning, this publishing house primarily issued religious works, which sought to counter the rising abandonment of religion, as well as works by the ecclesiast and apologist Félix Sardá y Salvany, whose numerous works and booklets it published. Three religious magazines and different works by Jacint Verdaguer also date from this early period.

Publication of the Revista bibliogràfica started in 1906. The catalogue was diversified with contents other than religious themes, although they still predominated.

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