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Folch i Torres, Josep Maria, 1880-1950

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Josep Maria Folch i Torres (Barcelona, 1880 - Barcelona, 1950) was a novelist, storyteller and playwright. He edited the magazine, Atlàntida, and the weekly, La tralla, which was made popular through its pro-Catalan campaigns. He later became the director of the weekly publication for children, En Patufet. He was secretary of the Unió Catalanista (Catalan Union) and the Orfeó Català (Catalan choral society) and he founded the Pomells de Joventut de Catalunya, a youth movement in Catalonia. His work was mostly read by children and young adults. One of the most important publications by Josep Maria Folch i Torres is his book, Les aventures extraordinàries d’en Massagran (1910).


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