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Barcelona, 1964-

Ediciones Península

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Founded in 1964 by Josep M. Castellet under the aegis of Edicions 62, Ediciones Península was created with the goal of becoming a benchmark publishing house for the humanities and social sciences. It is part of Grup 62, which is currently part of the Grupo Planeta.

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In November 2014, Edicions 62 agreed to deposit the collections from Edicions 62 and Editorial Empúries in the Biblioteca de Catalunya. This archive, which includes records of literary works, contains the originals (handwritten or typed, galley proofs, corrected proofs, etc.) of many of the works published by Edicions 62, Península and Empúries.

Catalogue of publishers and booksellers from the Bergnes de las Casas collection (Biblioteca de Catalunya)

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Llanas, Manuel. L'Edició a Catalunya. Segle XX, els darrers trenta anys. Barcelona: Gremi d'Editors de Catalunya, 2007.