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Interlibrary loan

Users, by reader’s card, can use the interlibrary loan service to request documents to other libraries that cannot be found at the BC or at the universities of Catalonia through the consortial borrowing (PUC).

On the other hand, all the institutions  can be BC user’s to provide documents to their users. All the applications for research purposes can be processed between libraries in Catalonia, Spain or abroad.

In case of commercial purpose, the request should be directly addressed to owner institutions.
Information about the service

Ask for documents from other libraries

Users should use forms in the desks or the web form.

Can be requested:

  • Original documents
    The consultation of original documents should be done in reading rooms. The period of loan depends on the rules from library supplier.
  • Reproductions of documents.
    The copies are given to users.

Ask for documents of the BC from other libraries

The Biblioteca de Catalunya supplies documents to other libraries for research purpose.Request can be received by:

Biblioteca de Catalunya
Servei d'Accés i Obtenció de Documents. Préstec Interbibliotecari
C/Hospital 56
08001 Barcelona

The loan period is of 30 natural days from the starting date that can be extended 30 days more (with previous advice to the responsible of interlibrary loan service). The requesting library must return documents within this period properly packed.User can demand to his own library a renewal before the loan period extinguishment.

The requesting library is responsible of the borrowed items and must keep them in its own premises.


Documents excluded for loan

  • All the items from special and rare collections and from Arxiu Maragall.
  • All the items with historical, artistic or handmade value.
  • The newspapers and periodicals.
  • Big items Folio and GFolio size.
  • Scores and illustrated items with coloured plates, or with accompanying materials (CDROM, etc)
  • Recorded materials in supports not for sale anymore, fragile or specials (microfiches, Vinyl, Betamax)
  • Reference works as encyclopaedias, dictionaries…
  • All the items printed between 1901 and 1958 without second copy.
  • All the items from the Catalan bibliographic production published after 1958, or those without second copy. But the re-prints and copies of CD, videos and DVD’s from the Legal Deposit are circulating materials.


These documents are marked in the catalogue as “Only lib use”.





Lend by the BC

10,00 €

20,00 €

Requested by the BC

1,00 € + shipping fees + supplier centre invoice

1,00 € + shipping fees + supplier centre invoice


Exempt from the application of interlibrary loan rates, loans of BC materials requested by CSUC libraries and the Public library system which have bag service and for IEC for their research programs.

Loss or theft

Failure to return the document because loss or theft, or if the document is damaged, will imply the exclusion of the service until the requester provide a new copy of the same edition or similar features if the edition is out of print.