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Sacharoff, Olga, 1881-1967

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Olga Nikolajevna Saharova, known as Olga Sacharoff (Tiblisi, 1889-Barcelona, 1967). Painter and illustrator. She was introduced to Expressionism in Munich, where she studied Fine Arts and to Cubism in Paris, where she lived from 1911. In 1916, she arrived in Catalonia, fleeing the First World War. She was involved in the Dada magazine 391, published in Barcelona and was a member of the Agrupació Courbet. As she moved away from Cubism and the avant-garde, she entered into traditional trends, paining portraits and everyday scenes with expressive strokes and vibrant colours. In 1964, Barcelona City Council awarded her the Medalla de la Ciutat and declared her 'adopted daughter' of the city.


Diccionari biogràfic de dones (Biographical dictionary of women)