of the Publishers and the Published of Catalonia

Premio Formentor (1961-1967, 2011-)

(Actualització 16/05/2024)

International literary prize created by Carlos Barral with the Prix International de Littérature, awarded under Encuentros de Formentor which since 1961 brought together international writers and editors in order to establish Spanish publications throughout the world. The award, sponsored by Seix Barral in conjunction with foreign publishing houses (Einaudi, Gallimard, Rowohlt, etc.) was given to novels presented by some of the organising publishers, translated and published later by the rest. It was held between 1961 and 1967 and recently in 2011 it was held once more, this time the award was in honour of the whole literary career of the winner. The winners include:

1961. Juan García Hortelano, Tormenta de verano

1962. Dacia Maraini, L’età del malessere

1963. Jorge Semprún, Le grand voyage

1964. Gisela Elsner, Die Riesenzwerge

1965. Stephen Schneck, The nightclerk

1966. Not awarded

1967. Not awarded

2011. Carlos Fuentes

2012. Juan Goytisolo

2013. Javier Marias

2014. Enrique Vila-Matas

2015. Ricardo Piglia