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Vinyoli, Joan, 1914-1984

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Joan Vinyoli i Pladevall (Barcelona, 1914-1984). Poet. He studied Commerce and at a young age he began working at the publishers, Labor, where he remained until his retirement. He spent the summers of his childhood and adolescence in Santa Coloma de Farners, a town often mentioned in his poems. His poetry was seen to carry influences primarily from Carles Riba, Rainer M. Rilke and Greek and Latin classics.

In 1937, he published his first collection of poems, Primer desenllaç. Other titles of his included Les hores retrobades (1951), El callat (1956), Ara que és tard (1975), Vent d’aram (1976), El griu (1978) and A hores petites (1981). In 1980, José Agustín Goytisolo translated his poetry into Spanish in 40 poemas .

His work received numerous awards, including the Premi Óssa Menor (1951), the Creu de Sant Jordi (Saint George's Cross) from the Generalitat of Catalonia (1976) and several Premi Crítica Serra d'Or awards for poetry.


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