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Vilar, Pierre, 1906-2003

(Updated 24/12/2015)

Pierre Vilar (Frontinhan, Llenguadoc, 1906 - Donapaleu, Lower navarre, 2003). Occitan historian and university professor, specialising in the history of Catalonia - both the period of the Old Regime and the contemporary era. He was Professor of History at the University of the Sorbonne and was awarded an honorary doctorate (doctor honoris causa) by the Universities of Barcelona and Valencia.
He is one of the most influential intellectuals in the study of the history of Catalonia in any period. His doctoral dissertation, Catalunya a l’Espanya Moderna (1962), is considered a seminal work of historiography. The work, Histoire de l'Espagne, banned during the Franco regime, brought great recognition to Pierre Vilar.


Pierre Vilar Collection at the University of Girona