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Vázquez Montalbán, Manuel, 1939-2003

(Updated 28/07/2022)

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (Barcelona, 1939- Bangkok, 2003) Poet, essayist, novelist and journalist. He studied Philosophy and Journalism at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, there also was teacher. It was a multidisciplinary author. He collaborated regularly in magazines and newspapers and left a prolific journalistic output. One of his best known works is the series Carvalho, starred by the detective Pepe Carvalho, which was able to be recognized nationally and internationally.

He has published numerous works, including: Yo maté a Kennedy (1972), Los pájaros de Bangkok (1983), Cuarteto (1988), Asesinato en Prado del Rey y otras historias (1991), Milenio Carvalho I. Rumbo a Kabul (2004), Crónicas de Barcelona (2012) i Tres historias de amor (2014).

He won several awards, among which are the Prize Planeta in 1979, the National Prize for Fiction in 1991, the National Prize for Literature in 1995. It was created the International Journalism Award Manuel Vázques Montalbán in 2004 in his memory.