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Puig i Ferreter, Joan, 1882-1956

(Updated 05/01/2021)

Joan Puig i Ferreter (La Selva del Camp,1882 - Paris, 1956). He was a Catalan writer, playwright and politician. His political activity was linked to the Republican Left of Catalonia. He was literary editor of the collection, Biblioteca A tot vent, from Ediciones Proa, founded in 1928. After the Civil War he was exiled in France, where he lived until his death.

You can view the writer´s collection in the Arxiu Històric de Tarragona (Historical Archive of Tarragona) and the Biblioteca de Catalunya.


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Joan Puig i Ferreter personal papers in the Historical Archive of Tarragona

Joan Puig i Ferreter collection at the Biblioteca de Catalunya