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Martorell, Joanot, ca. 1414-1468

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Joanot Martorell (Gandia, ca. 1414 - Valencia, 1468). Medieval knight and writer in Catalan. Having won several knightly battles, he travelled to England, Portugal and Italy, where he was introduced to the royal courts and knights of the time, as well as many of the books which inspired his work.

In 1460, he began to write Tirant lo Blanc, considered one of the great novels of chivalric romance. He died in 1468 without finishing his work which was passed on to Martí Joan de Galba who dedicated himself to finishing it over many years. The novel was published in Valencia in 1490.  

Martorell also wrote Guillem de Varoic, considered the outline to the first chapters of Tirant lo Blanc, and he also authored the unfinished, Flor de cavalleria.  


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