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Gaziel, 1887-1964

(Updated 13/01/2016)

Agustí Calvet i Pascual, “Gaziel” (Sant Feliu de Guíxols, 1887 - Barcelona, 1964). Journalist and writer. He began a Law degree which he did not complete, later graduating instead from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Barcelona. His career as a journalist started at La veu de Catalunya (a newspaper), where he began using the pseudonym, "Gaziel" and he was secretary of the History and Archaeology Department of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies). At the outbreak of the First World War he was living in Paris, from where he sent reports, first to La veu de Catalunya and later to the newspaper, La Vanguardia, of which he would be editor-in-chief between 1920 and 1936.

He was exiled during the Civil War and when he returned to Barcelona, prosecuted for his Catalan nationalist and republican ideals, he was no longer permitted to practise journalism. He moved to Madrid where he ran a publishing company and wrote memoirs and travel books. He returned to Barcelona where he wrote most of his work in Catalan. 

Among other titles, he is the author of Tots els camins duen a Roma: història d’un destí (1893-1914) (1958), Un estudiant a París i d’altres estudis (1963), Història de La Vanguardia (1884-1936) (1971) and Quina mena de gent som (1998) the latter two of which were published posthumously.


Agustí Calvet i Pascual, “Gaziel”, collection at the Biblioteca de Catalunya