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Folch i Torres, Joaquim, 1886-1963

(Updated 31/01/2018)

Joaquim Folch i Torres (Barcelona, 1886 - Badalona, 1963). Known primarily as a museologist and art historian. He studied at the Escola Superior d’Arts i Indústries i Belles Arts (School of Arts, Industries and Fine Arts) in Barcelona, where he was taught by José Ruiz Blasco, Picasso's father. Joaquim Folch created and directed the "Pàgina artística" (Artistic Page) in La Veu de Catalunya which echoed the aesthetic of the Noucentisme. He published several articles in the magazine, Destino. Between 1920 and 1939 he was director of the Museus d'Art de Catalunya (Museums of Art of Catalonia) and was Secretary of the Junta de Museus (Board of Museums) where he was known for his work in defence of Catalan heritage during the Civil War. He was a member of several associations and academic institutions, such as the French Institute of Archaeology and Islamic Art in Damascus, the Academy of Fine Arts in Portugal and the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies), where he had previously worked. He was also an honorary partner of the Amics dels Museus de Catalunya (Friends of the Museums of Catalonia).


Joaquim Folch i Torres collection at the Fundació Folch i Torres