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Arbonès, Jordi, 1929-2001

(Updated 04/01/2021)

Jordi Arbonès i Montull (Barcelona 1929-Bernal, Buenos Aires, 2001). Writer and Catalan translator. One of his professional recognitions has been translate into Catalan, classics authors of English and North American literature.

He collaborated with several magazines such as Catalunya, Ressorgiment or Serra d’or and was co-funder of Obra Cultural Catalana (1966) ten years after going to live in Argentina. Some of his works are: Clam (1966), El teatre català de postguerra (1973), Tant se val tot... o no (1976),  Pedrolo contra els límits (1980), Epistolari Jordi Arbonès & Manuel de Pedrolo (2011). He won the following awards:  the Pompeu Fabra award (1996), the Literatura Catalana de la Generalitat de Catalunya award by translation into Catalan (1986), and Premi Nacional de Literatura Catalana, translations to the Catalan literary works from other languages (1994).



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