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Alcalde, Carmen, 1936-

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Carmen Alcalde i Garriga (Girona, 1936-) Feminist writer and journalist. Along with Lidia Falcón founded the journal Vindicación Feminista (1975).  She is a very multidisciplinary author that writes essays, poetry, fiction and journalistic essay. The issue of Spanish civil war and women is very present in his works such as: La mujer en la guerra civil española (1976), Cartas a Lilith: en Barcelona, cuarenta años atrás, cuarenta años después (1979), Federica Montsenypalabras en rojo y negro (1983), L’amor és cec (1998) and Mujeres en el franquismo (2003).

She has received the prize Rosa del Desert (2000) by the Association of Women Journalist of Catalonia. It received also the prize of Honor e la Comunicació by the Diputació de Barcelona (2005).


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